Ionic Air Purifier Reviews

This ionic air purifier reviews from covers the pros and cons of this technology along with the best ionic air purifier, the air ionizer benefits and a look at what you'll find in:

The ionic breeze air purifier
The Ionic pro air purifier
The Ionic breeze quadra silent air purifier
And other models...

A: In the video you'll discover the limitations of the ionic air purifier. They are inexpensive to make, and maintain, and yet are limited in what they will help.


Hi this is Mark and this is the Ionic air purifier review video guide - brought to you by So what is Ionic ? Or is it ironic? Ionic air purifiers are one of 10 different ways to clean the air. It's also called air ionizer ionization, truman cells, photocatalytic plates, and negative ions (which is just the negative charge).
So what did exactly is ionic air? Well how it works is an electrically charged “plates” or “grids” with both positive and negative charges attract molecules that are the opposite - just like a magnet does. That’s why the back your television set or your computer gets so dusty and dirty because basically it's doing the same thing.
Some examples of Ionic are the ionic breeze air purifier and ionic pro air purifier where the term became really popular. That’s where you had a tower where you pull out these ionic plates to wash off once in a while. The Oreck XL air purifier with Truman cell which is basically just ionic plates has these plates to do the same.
And then you have air ionizers like the alive air ionizer and that uses a grid but they all do the same thing. I in the aliveair purifier it’s just used to extend the life of the HEPA filter. Basically ionic is good for smoke, odor and pollution - that's about it.
Of course there are thousands of ionic air purifiers or ionizer air purifiers on the market. Thousands of No Name ionizers and thousands of ionic purifiers that include negative ions an ionization in one form or another as secondary forms of cleaning. So what are the pros of ionic air purifiers? Well it does kill odor, mold and pollution. Ionic is inexpensive , at least it should be although a lot of ionic air models are too expensive. It is fairly good for smoke and it's washable. The ionic plates or grids can be taken out and soap and water will wash them off whenever they turn black. The cons of ionic air purifiers are it's really not good for dust - although it'll pick up some electrostatically - it's really not good for pollen because it wont hold it like a hepa filter will so it doesn't do much for allergies or pollen. And ionic air purifier don’t really clean or purifiy very effectively. So my suggestion would be to find an air purifier that starts with HEPA filters along with ionization.
Make ionic or ionization a secondary technology which can actually save the life of the HEPA filter - use it that way. You want to take a look at the 9 stage alive air purifier which uses ionic ionization plus UV, tio2, carbon, a pre-filter and HEPA filter which is best for allergies, negative ions to rejuvenate the air, and also automatic sensors to detect what's in the air. You can find it at www.aliveair .com and you’ll also sees ionic air purifier reviews, and many other name-brand ionic air purifiers as well. And you'll also see the reviews of the top ionizer air purifiers in the market, air purifier experts will answer your questions, consumer feedback, and you'll also find air purifier coupons, specials and where to find the best prices online. At thanks for watching the iconic air purifier review video guide.