How To Clean A Steam Pressing Iron Bottom With Baking Soda & How To Remove Burnt Cloth From Iron

In this video I will show you how to clean you pressing iron, how to remove a burnt cloth or fabric from the bottom using baking soda, how to clean the steam holes and how to clean the water tank using white vinegar.

Start by filling up the water tank with white vinegar. Plug the pressing iron and let it completely heat up. Then start pressing an old cloth or peace of fabric while pressing the steam knot constantly. Do this until all the vinegar is gone. This will clean both the steam holes and the water tank of your pressing iron.
To clean the burnt marks from the bottom of your pressing iron, take a new cloth, get it wet and set it on the counter. Be careful where you will be doing this because it will get very hot. Then take a wet Mr. Clean sponge and set it on the cloth or fabric you are using. Sprinkle 2 tbsp of baking soda over the sponge and start pressing with the pressing iron. Continue until all the burnt marks are gone. You might have to add more baking soda as you go if the burnt stain is tough.
When your pressing iron is completely clean, unplug it and let it cool down. Then, take a dry cloth and wipe all the baking soda from it. You can use a q tip to clean the steam holes.
At the end, you can fill up the water tank of your pressing iron with fresh water and run the steam for a few minutes to clean the baking soda out of the steam holes if there is any left.
This is a very easy way to clean your cloth pressing iron I hope you find my video helpful.
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