Coy's Voice Acting Anniversary!

My editing sucked in this, my voice sucked in this, why can't I hecking video? I'll try better next time. Hopefully you guys will at least check out the series I spoke of.
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*Q & A*

Q: Why are you showing us these series?
A: Why not? You can become inspired just as I was, you yourself may get into voice acting, maybe even start your own series. Exploring other people's creations won't hurt, it will just help them and maybe you along the way!

Q: How many characters do you voice and what series do you voice in?
A: That information can be found on my Voice Acting Resume.

Q: What is voice acting?
A: These questions seem to have very similar answers. Voice acting is acting with your voice to play a cartoon character.


Twelve/Origins -

Reversed Tails -

Painted Flowers -

Thrones -

Bitten/The Wolf Inside -

All Lone Ones/Renegades -

Blood Brothers/Bloodlines -

Evergreen Kingdom -

The Chosen -

Cow of The Wild -

Wolf Song -

Pandora's Choris -

Editing: ©TheSprintingCoywolf

Voiceover: ©TheSprintingCoywolf

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the art in this video. I am merely using the art of the series' creators to portray what I am speaking about.


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