DIY EOS LIP BALM Koala! NO crayons, beeswax or clingfilm required with this easy method

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This technique was based on DIYLover YingYang diy EOS lip balm tutorial so be sure to check it out and give her a thumbs up here! NOTE: The final balm goes on clear, just like real EOS lip balm. The black areas are too small to leave colour so don't worry about that (since lots of people are asking this in the comments :3!)

I've been fascinated by all the diy EOS lip balm tutorials on Youtube and thought I had to add my own to the mix. I used DIYLover's needle method which allows most precision in making any shape you want. Instead of making diy EOS lip balm from scratch like in most tutorials, I was lazy and simply chopped up a few drugstore balms along with the extra EOS :P.

The hardest part was getting the black wax into the tiny holes for the nose and eyes because it started solidifying before it could drip out. I ended up adding most of the black into the eyes using the needle. There's also a trick to popping out the grate, you need to look for a tiny "tab" along the outer rim of the circle. Then work the knife between the two plastic pieces near this hook and wiggle it upwards. Don't use force...there is a point where the plastic will gently snap out and you want to find that sweet spot.

Difficulty: MEDIUM
EOS Balm:
EOS is sold in many stores worldwide including Sephora (USA, China, France, Italy), Topshop (UK), Douglas (Austria/Germany)
Nail Polish: Model's Own - Utopia Ocean

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Camera: Sony A6000
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