How To #7: Filleting Walleye for Beginners (Regular Fillet Knife)

I explain in this video a basic beginner's method on how to fillet walleye. This method can be applied to filleting bass, sunfish, perch, crappie, trout, and more, as these types of fish are shaped differently but have the same bone structure. This method of cleaning walleye results in two boneless fillets. I use a regular fillet knife here, working the fillet off the backbone, ribs, skin, and flipping as I go, then optionally cutting the pin bones out. There are other quick fish filleting methods involving an electric fillet knife or a regular knife, although all methods have drawbacks and advantages, and it's up to you to decide which you like best. I think the method I show here is great for working up from a beginner level to filleting faster without sacrificing much meat. Although this method is slower, I believe it will save someone who hasn't filleted a fish before time in the long run.

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