ASMR | Gently Putting You to Sleep | Mic Touching & Whispers 60fps

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Hopefully y'all saw my post on Twitter and on the Community page, but I had to change around my schedule this week due to travel and had to move Sponsored Saturday to this Tuesday! But after this vid, everything is back to normal, schedule below ^_^

HOWEEEVVAA New sponsor = me taLKING ABOUT THEM! Please of course take the time to educate yourself on the Zebit website and its services! I had a lot of questions about it when I first signed up and decided to give it a go, and I found that their website did a really good job at FAQs. I ALSO really liked this article about it, since I tend to get really wary about the words ~loan~, as I think we all should. At the end of the day, be financially responsible, take care of yourself, and enjoy! ^_^ Here's the article:

Me actually whispering slowly and doing triggers for a long time. It's a miracle! Sleep well, my friends ^_^

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^^this video is SO PLEASANT his whole channel is filled with gems like this and he only has 250 subs!! Check it out ^_^

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