diy cheap outdoor park wpc fence

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WPC fence&railing is a natural wood flour as the main raw material, polyethylene plastic, then add some of the necessary chemical additives, high temperature and pressure through professional WPC extrusion equipment extrusion.wpc fencing is widely used in landscaping and municipal projects like water platform, parks, garden, sides of the cliff, river and lakeside etc.

WPC fence&railing advantage:
1, environmentally friendly, recycled materials (wood flour and plastic), does not need to be treated with preservatives;
2, no maintenance, long service life than ordinary wood, non-hygroscopic, tide, does not rot, pest control, not broken, do not deformed, cold, insensitive to thermal environment;
3, polyolefin-based WPC good mechanical properties, can carry a wide range of structural materials for use;
4, polyolefin-based WPC 95% of the raw material is recycled material, so the lower cost, while products can be 100% recycled;