Tippmann TMC Magazine Maintenance

In this video I break down how to disassemble, clean and resemble your Tippmann TMC Paintball marker magazine.

I feel its an important video to have as I know for me personally I struggled with taking the mags apart due to fear of the unknown, fear of something pinging into the air and out of my life, leaving me with a broken mag.

I hope this video relives some of your fears much like I had and gives you the confidence to do it yourself and keep your mags feeding for a very very long time to come.

"Derelict Ship" by Aaron Per Kiilstofte - Machinimasound 2013
'No changes were made to the track.'

Track 2 Youtube Audio Library

►►►MAGFED PLAYLIST ►►►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDjecUXfjjE&list=PLPCevGp2UWxbZYsqGbZ-wR6lNSti4i8UI

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Thank you for your continued support for this channel and my content, i'm trying with every possible ounce to create footage never before seen in the 3rd Person and would like to count on you all to help share this wonderful sport we all love, especially in 3rd Person!

Thank YOU!

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