Emerald Green Stain Made With Dye For Wood Bright Emerald Green Dye

Emerald Green Dye For Wood
Emerald Green Stain Color Formula:
8 ounces Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol
Blue Dye - 1/4th Tsp or 0.80 grams - 0.85 grams
Yellow Dye - Heaping 1/8th Tsp or 0.45 grams - 0.50 grams
2 Green Stain Coats Applied To Curly Maple
3 Green Stain Coats To Side A of Pine
2 Green Stain Coats To Side B of Pine

This Exceptional Green Stain Was Made With Keda Dye 5 Color Wood Dye Kit. This Wood Finishing Product Can Be Found At:

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Thank You So Much For Watching, And The Encouragement To Keep Making Wood Dye Colors For You To Utilize. I really Hope This Emerald Green Dye Formula Helps Out....