पुरानी मैली बाल्टियों को नया बनाने का आसान व सटीक तरीका / bathroom bucket cleaning monikazz kitchen

This video is about how to clean dirty bathroom buckets into new one with easy and simple technique. Truly effortless bathroom bucket cleaning.

In this video i have tried to show how i cleaned my bathroom bucket in very easy and simple way. In the same way anyone can clean the dirty buckets.You may use this method if you like.

This cleaning method can be applied to other plastic items like chairs, stools etc. and you will be amazed to see the difference in new bucket and old bucket. You will have an Ideas which can help you organize your bathroom and make it look clean by applying some cleaning Tips, tricks and hacks..

For Bathroom Bucket Cleaning items required are:

Plastic Dirty Buckets
Harpic or Sani fresh
Hand Gloves
scrotch Brite
Sponge Brite - 2
Laundry washing powder

(With English Subtitles)
music by (audionautix- dark red wine)

Have a bathroom bucket Cleaning Tour for पुरानी मैली बाल्टियों को नया बनाने का आसान व सटीक तरीका / bathroom bucket cleaning -monikazz kitchen.

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