Do you have a collection of wine corks? I know how to make an excellent and very useful thing for the household out of simple trinkets. Today I will show you a lot of amazing ideas from wine corks.

Wine corks – is an excellent material for crafts. First of all, this is a real oak, which was appreciated by many hand-made lovers. Crafts made from wine corks are unique, original, useful and, most importantly, it is a natural material. And of course, the availability of corks is also important thing - you don’t need to buy anything. So do not throw away corks for wine bottles, it is a huge field for creativity.

I will show you how to make a non-sinking keychain from a wine cork, how to replace a candle with a wine cork, how to make a hot stand out of wine corks, how to make beautiful fridge magnets from corks, how to make pots for plants, and much more.

To keep the headphones in your pocket from tangling, make a headphone holder from the wine cork. To make the chair legs don’t scratch the floor, make lining of wine corks for them. In order not to forget where you planted some seedlings, make markers with the names of plants from wine corks. Also, I’ll show you how to uncork the bottle of wine without a corkscrew.


0:52 Wax seal DIY
2:03 Fridge magnets with plants DIY
3:40 Tangled cables
6:35 How to make a board for notes of wine corks
7:17 How to remove wine stain from a carpet
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