LOL Surprise Series 4 Pets Wave 2 Predictions! Punk Boi's Pet! Ultra Rare!

Don't miss out Series 4 Wave 2 LOL Surprise Doll Checklist Reveal Lil Sisters ++ The Seris 4 Wave 2 LOL Surprise Big Sister Underwraps Wave 2 Reveal Predictions! --~--
We have been so excited about all the series 4 dolls - the lil sisters, glam glitters and hopefully the series 4 big sisters underwraps soon!!! we did a lot of research and a huge shout out to iheartblindbags for their input!! We couldn't have done this video with out your expertise!! you are amazing! lol surprise series 4 wave 2 is going to be epic!!! and honestly, if series 4 is this big, what will series 5 look like!! i am hoping the series 4 wave 2 release will be before Christmas, which means the actual checklist reveal will be this fall!!!