Wow!! Unique Table Decor Idea| gadac diy| Craft Ideas for home decor| Best Out Of Waste| Diy Crafts

Wow!! Unique Table Decor Idea| gadac diy| Craft Ideas for home decor| Best Out Of Waste| Diy Crafts

Dear Friends,

Welcome back to a new video of our Channel - gadac diy.
This week's video is a unique table decor idea. This craft idea for home decor is very unique and elegant.
This best out of waste craft can be done with things available at home. This home decor idea can be used either in your room or in your dining space or even in your office space.
This diy craft would add nice charm to your home. This room decor is one of the easy diy craft.
Try this home decor and let me know your inputs and comments.

The dimensions are as follows:-

Cardboard rectangle :- 18x6 Inches
Inner parallel lines :- 1.5 Inches
Top and bottom :- 3 Inches

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