Schleich Horse Stable DIY | Easy Schleich Stall Tutorial

Hello all :D

This is a step by step Schleich tutorial video on how to make a horse stable or stall for your schleich horses, and of course for Breyer horses if you like.
You will only need some crafting sticks, and hot glue gun (paint and accessories are optional).

The Schleich horses used in this video along from some shleich accesories (apple, wooden box, horse treats, carrot, and other schleich accessories) are obtained from our previous Schleich unboxig videos on our channel like:

- Schleich Horse Club Advent Calendar 2018:

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Other accessories used are obtained from our Playmobil unboxing videos like:

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- Playmobil Country Horse Grooming Carry Case 9100 Unboxing:

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