NEW acrylic pouring technique “Mardi Gras Swipe”

Creating this new technique last week was really exciting. While I thought it would be fairly easy to replicate, I quickly found out that it's just as hard to replicate this as it is to get similar results when doing other techniques. It's still fun trying different colors and sizes with this Mardi Gras Swipe. Check out the original painting that I did with this technique. No video but you can see the finished product.

I've never done a pouring video before and this will probably be the last one as I don't have the right equipment, time, or patience. ;) But since I got a lot of requests to see how I did this technique, I hope this helps.

I used a 5x7" canvas because I went through my last several 8x10" ones trying to get a decent video for this. Because it's smaller, I used slightly smaller beads than the first one I did last week.

The colors for this green one are:
Master's Touch Payne's grey
Crafters' Edition true green (some old brand that I don't think is even sold anymore)
Apple Barrel parakeet green
Apple Barrel lime sherbet
Apple Barrel white
NO silicone

Have fun and enjoy pouring. More art at

Thanks for watching.

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