Fidget Spinner Man vs Crazy Cube Freak Out! Ft. Shiloh and Shasha Onyx Kids SuperHeroKids

Will the superheroes Fidget Spinner Man and Wonder Woman be able to rescue their friend, old man Shiloh from Crazy Cube? When Fidget Spinner Man gets ahold of Crazy Cubes Fidget Cube he Freaks out and Wonder Woman makes fun of him. Police Tom and Jerry put Crazy Cube under arrest but she outsmarts them and gets away. When Crazy Cube threatens to throw the old man in the pool Wonder Woman Shasha and Fidget Spinner Man go to the rescue. But, the plan calls for Fidget Spinner man to freak out again to distract Crazy Cube. Can he over come his fear of being made fun of in order to save the old man? Watch to find out!

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