Restore Shine to Hardwood Floors with Zep Polyurethane Floor Finish

Zep polyurethane floor coating is essential to refinishing hardwood floors without sanding and bringing luster to laminate floors. With just a few coats of Zep's Hardwood & Laminate Floor Refinisher you can restore shine and renew hardwood floors and laminate floors whether you're finalizing a renovation, maintaining the floors in your home, or professionally restoring high-traffic floors. Use what the pros use with Zep.

How to shine laminate floors and renew hardwood floors with Zep:

1. Clean thoroughly with Zep Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner
2. Apply evenly with a clean, dry mop
3. Let dry for 30 minutes
4. Repeat up to two (2) times
5. Allow four (4) hours of drying time after the final coat before walking on surface

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Clean like you've never seen.
- Follow Instructions for Use and Care
- Wear eye protection and chemical resistant gloves and shoes. Masks and proper ventilation may also be required. Refer to the most current safety data sheet.