Miniature Polymer Clay Orange Cane Tutorial Dollhouse Food

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Hi everyone! Here's how I created my Miniature Polymer Clay Oranges - Dollhouse Food.
First I'll be showing you how to create the Orange Cane (with the rounded orange segments). Then you will see how to texture the oranges.

Tools used in this Tutorial:
Pin - UK: US:
Dotting Tool - UK: US:
Crafting Blade - UK: US:
Crafting Knife - UK: US:
Tin Foil - UK: US:
Fimo Liquid Clay - UK: US:
White Translucent Fimo Effects Clay - UK: US:
White Fimo Soft Clay - UK: US:
Tangerine Fimo Soft Clay - UK: US:
Sunflower Yellow Fimo Soft Clay - UK: US:
Tropical Green Fimo Soft Clay - UK: US:
Black Fimo Soft Clay - UK: US:
Pasta Machine - UK: US:

I used a non scented baby wipe to clean over the clay in the video.
I used a pasta machine to roll out my clay here, but a rolling pin (UK: US: would work too.

The varnish I use to coat the oranges at the end:
Matte Varnish (on the inside and outside of the orange) - UK: US:
How to create the colours used:

Orange Segment Colour: Mix a small amount of Tangerine + Sunflower Yellow (makes up around 10% of the colour, then 90% translucent white).

White Colour: For the white I mixed 50/50 White Translucent Clay + White Clay.

Orange Skin Colour: I mixed 60% Tangerine 20% Sunflower Yellow and 20% White Translucent.

Green on top of the orange: For the green I mixed Tropical Green with a tiny bit of black (to change the colour slightly) then added white until it became a pale dark green.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial!
If you have any questions about this tutorial then please let me know in the comments below!
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