DIY Deck (Part 2): How to use pressure washer to dig 12" post hole? Homemade Hydro Excavator!

This is the DIY #Azek deck project series. In last video, I hired the #GoliathTech to install the #HelicalScrewPiles metal posts but they hit the rock on 2 holes and I didn't have a plan B. After they left, I drilled the 1st hole using the rental auger and tried to remove the rock but failed. Luckily, the rock was at 4 feet so I poured concrete onto it regardless. For 2nd hole I relocated it to a different location but faced another issue - clay was so hard, the rental auger got stuck. Finally I had to use homemade hydro excavation to get around that.

Hope this has some good information if you are planning to build a deck yourself. I have a 9-5 office full time job and I only worked on weekends and holidays, this project has been ongoing since 2017. I hope I can inspire more people to DIY.

I am NOT affiliated with any of these products, companies or people, I just want to share my experience as a serious DIYer and try to help other DIY people out there.

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