DIY: How to whiten teeth naturally for CHEAP!

Thumbs up if you like DIY's!! I have a couple more I can't wait to share with you :)You can use this DIY to whiten your teeth naturally, up to 5 times per week! Results and brighter teeth will be visible within the first couple weeks to a month. Be consistent with it and you'll love the end result!

Here are some extra tips to go along with this home remedy:
Don't drink or eat dark foods aka pizza, red wine, coffee, red coloured foods or oily things for 2 hours after using the baking soda/peroxide whitening paste .. Your teeth are extra porous at this time, so be careful!
Drink EVERYTHING other than water through a straw to save your teeth from any more stains
Try not to wear white t-shirts before you are happy with the whiteness of your teeth. White clothing and accessories only accentuates a dull smile!

Good luck :)

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