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Have you ever wondered How to make Fairy Dust? How to make Pixie Dust? Or maybe even what to do with glitter and sparkles that you've hoarded over the years? This DIY Fairy Dust Craft Tutorial will teach you how to make a Magic Potion of sparkly faerie dust using different types of glitter. It's a an easy craft that comes together quickly, and is a great one for kids of all ages (and kids at heart) to make, and even more fun to play with! So let's get sparkly and have a fairy magical time! ;D

♥ While glitter can be found just about anywhere (and is much more fun to shop for in store than online anyways) magic potion bottles can be a bit more difficult to come across. If you can't find one at a crafting store near you, then here's where you can buy one online that is similar to mine.
Here's where you can get a bottle like mine:

Michael's Craft Store

Have you been bitten by the craft bug? Try giving this video a look, it may be just the thing your creative self is longing for:

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