Science Prove Dogs Understand What You're Saying to Them

Ever felt like your dog can really understand you? Yeah, when they look at you with those cute soulful eyes it seems like they actually get you when you say you love them or scold them for eating something off the table. Well, it's true! It turns out that dogs possess a basic understanding of words they’ve been taught to associate with objects. Of course, they can’t fully grasp the precise meaning of words, but our speech isn’t just gibberish to them.

A new study has shown that dogs use the left side of the brain to process familiar words, and their right side to work out the intonation. And this is exactly how human brains react to speech, too! Actually, dogs have much in common with people. They can count in small numbers, they like watching TV, and they can even fall in love the same way people do!

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- Even if you announce in a bright tone and with a smile on your face that your pup is going to the vet, your doggie pal won’t believe that they’re going to Disneyland.
- Researchers concluded that there’s a special region in a dog’s brain that performs the function of processing vocabulary differences. Which means that even though they can’t fully grasp the precise meaning of words, our speech isn’t just gibberish to them.
- And not only does the ability to understand human language make dogs close to humans, just like us, they can do math! A 2002 study published in Animal Cognition proves that pooches can count in small numbers.
- According to a professor of animal behavior, Dr. Marc Bekoff, dogs are perfectly capable of establishing long-term commitments to each other. Dogs in love don’t like being apart from their S.O., and feel overjoyed when they’re reunited.
- As Dr. Bekoff notes, dogs can be rejected just like humans. When it happens, they suffer a “breakup”, feeling sad and lonely.
- The ability to feel deep emotions also makes your dog a real pro at reading them, too. Quite often it seems like they pick up on your mood and know when you need comfort.
- There’s a special TV channel created just for our four-legged puppy pals! The channel’s creators claim that their shows entertain dogs when they are left alone and help them with separation anxiety.

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