How to Make Pencil Sharpener Machine from Cardboard ✏️

New school year has began! It's time to get organized. Slime Sam is only learning to do it. And his friend Sue is helping him by making a cool desktop organizer that will store and dispense pencils and paper and it also has an inbuilt DIY automatic pencil sharpener!

Get inspired and create with Sam and Sue! You will need some thick cardboard, hot glue, a couple of rubber bands and wooden skewers. Check out all the measurements in the video! You'll need to cut out all the parts from cardboard and put them together like Sue does. There's a compartment for pencils that dispenses them automatically, you only need to push the button! It's made with the help of wooden skewers and rubber bands. And underneath there's a compartment for paper.

But the jewel of this organizer is a DIY automatic pencil sharpener. To make it, you will need a motor, a battery, an ordinary pencil sharpener, wires and a switch. Ask an adult to help you assemble it. Then attach it to the side of the organizer. And don't forget about a special compartment for erasers! Everything will be stored in one place.

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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