How to cancel subscriptions on your iPhone with AppStore or Itunes

If you've been trying out apps subscription like TV apps, STARZ or HBO GO, or music subscription services like Pandora Premium, but you want to cancel before you get charged, it's simple to cancel in just a few steps through your iPhone or iTunes.

To cancel appstore subscriptions using your iPhone:

1) Launch the AppStore.
2) Click on the Blue Circle with the Avatar.
3) Click on Manage Subscriptions.
4) Under Active, you will see a list of all current subscriptions.
5) Click on any subscription to cancel.

If you want to cancel an appstore subscription through Itunes, then you will need to:

1) Download iTunes.
2) Open iTunes.
3) Under Music Quick Links, click Account.
4) Login using your apple id if requested.
5) Once you login, under Settings, you are going to see Subscriptions.
6) Click Manage to manage your appstore subscriptions.
7) Click edit on the subscription that you wish to cancel.