Top Best Superhero Fidget Spinners(BATMAN, SPIDER MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA and more) Compilation⚛

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Top best superhero fidget spinners(batman, spiderman,captain america and more)compilation 2017

In today's video I've shown superhero fidget spinner means this hand spinners are made to look alike famous heros signs
Here is captain america, superman, 2 batman, spiderman, iron man, green lantern, fidget spinners these are one the best fidget spinners some of these you can buy online on amazon, ebay or any other site, most of them are diy, I've given link to their original video you can check it out how they have made these, some say
fidget toys are for those who have adhd, but now a days everyone is using it, after big hit of fidget spinners more fidgets toys are in the market, from adult to kid everyone is using these, its a good stress killer, but still some doctors say that it is for those who have autism, and some also say that it is not a toy for people who have autism, when you spin it feels little sensory in the brain foe the first time, but i think it is not for toddlers its for kids and above them, its a great fiddle toy and a must have toy of

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Spiderman fidget spinner

SUPERMAN fidget spinner

Batman fidget spinner

Another batman fidgetspinner

Captain america fidget spinner

Iron Man fidget spinner

Green lantern fidget spinner

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