How I mix epoxy resin with no bubbles PLUS pebble soap stand tutorial

I get asked all the time what sort of epoxy resin I use and how do I mix it without any bubbles. In short, I use a crystal clear art resin from and mix it using the process demonstrated in this video, which is actually very easy for anyone to do at home. You don't need vacuum equipment or a pressure pot, just a thin mixing stick and a bit of hot water from the tap to stand the mixing cup in.

I am not particularly brand-loyal, and would happily use a resin by any other manufacturer as long as it meets the same specification.

WARNING: This process is not suitable for all epoxy resins, especially those that are designed to cure slowly, such as Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast resin, which positively dislikes being heated up at all. With this type of resin the heat can cause premature yellowing, and even cause the resin to cure instantly in the mixing cup.

As a bonus extra, I used the resin mixed in this video to make a delightful pebble soap stand, which is a great beginner project for anyone to try.

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