DIY Epoxy Resin Coffee Table | Crop Circle Table 👽

This week I built a DIY epoxy resin coffee table using my X-Carve from Inventables, and Total Boat Thick Set Epoxy. The design is a bit out there, but was a fun project. This DIY coffee table looks like a crop circle table.

Easel (free software):

Total Boat Epoxy:
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Thick Set -
Table Top Epoxy -

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**Tools I Use**

Router -
Hot Glue Gun -
Bar Clamp -
Glue Mat -
Drills -
Sander -
Tuck Tape -
Epoxy Mixer -
Glo Pigment -
Flattening Bit -
Pencils -
Sawstop -
My Camera -
My Main Lens -

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