Chinese Usb DAC Douk Audio CMD 19 A look Inside

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Usb DAC Douk Audio CMD-19 -
Douk Audio Bluetooth 4.0 XMOS USB PCM DSD DAC Headphone amplifer
USB Part using the XMOS XU208
Headphone port upgraded to Foxconn Metal sealed socket
Op-amp can be pluged and removed or changed
Op-amp using double power supply ,dynamic and resolution beyond last edition
Solved the Signal interference problem
Headphone part upagrded ,the power magnify 3 times than before (0.13w/32 ohm)
This sound card with USB connector and bluetooth connector ,very convinent to PC/Notebook,super mini and portable design ,it can be powered by the power bank.
Using TI’S high-performance DSD1796 as the decoding chip (DSD Professional decoding chip, The lowest distortion is 0.0005%),

XMOS U208 chip as the USB part,with MCU control, automatically decoding DSD、PCM, automatically transfer indicator light (DSD 、PCM indicator)
4 Set input decoding ,with coaxial, headphone, linear output. It can play PCM、DSD64、DSD128、(native DSD256 ) Format music ,Using the best quality England Bluetooth chip CSR8670 ,Support blutooth 4.0, support ATPX ,It directly decoding CSR8670 coaxial digital signal greatly improve the sound quality .
Pls note that :it not with the phone function. The Bluetooth distance is 3-8meters,not support partition ,Blutooth mode also can play DSD
Power : USB Power (Please note:The voltage must be 5V, if over it the deivce will be burned)
Coaxial, Optical working current: 60mA
USB input working current: 200mA
Headphone power: 80MW / 16Ω
Audio output THD: 0.001%
Audio output amplitude: 1V RMS
Coaxial support: PCM44.1K-192K/24Bit
Optical support: PCM44.1K-192K/24Bit
USB support: PCM44.1K-384K/32Bit, DSD64-DSD256 (Automatic identification decoding) (Not support DXD)
USB support system: OTG Andriod Mobile, Set Top Box, etc. and Apple PC, Linux, delphi system don't need the driver )
Size: 110*98*25mm (Not include the connector part)
Weight: 300g

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