DIY Confetti Ribbon Tutorial | Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea (Long Version)

What’s more joyful than watching a loved one excitedly tear open a holiday gift? We know it certainly warms our hearts!

That’s why we created this simple confetti band gift wrapping tutorial so that you can dress up your holiday moments in just a few simple steps.

Here’s what you’ll need:
- Wrapping paper
- Gift box
- Tissue paper confetti
- Double-sided tape
- Tape
- Scissors

After you’ve wrapped your gift box, simply apply double-sided tape to the gift, wrapping around it a few times to form a band.

Then, using our pre-made confetti circles, tap the dots of confetti into place. (If you want to make your own confetti, just place a few sheets of tissue paper inside a piece of regular paper and punch them out with a hole punch.)

And then you have it! An adorable wrapped gift that’s sure to wow them this holiday season. Just write a heartfelt message in your Christmas card and your gift is ready!

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