drip tips!
drip tips!
drip tips!
drip tips!
drip tips!

and more "that's what she said" moments than can be contained in one video!

some were purchased, some were free yadda yadda yadda

If you drip, you're gonna need a tip. They come in all shapes and sizes, some fit better than others and there is a HUGE variety out there

http://www.theecig.com/default.asp - glass drip tips
http://www.cherryvape.com - mings and cannons
http://www.digitalciggz.com - whistle tip
http://www.electronicstix.com - other glass tips
http://www.nhaler.com - lots of tips, black derlin ones

http://www.grimmgreen.com - best vaping site on the net :)
http://www.vapercon.com - vaping event of the year :)

thanks so much for watching everyone :)