Screen / Room Divider 6ft / Dollar Tree DIY / Movable Partition

Hi everyone. Here is a DOLLAR TREE craft Screen/Room Divider DIY for your home or to enhance any event. Made with Dollar Tree materials (except the hinges). This project is easy but time consuming (waiting for glue and paint to dry). You can paint, embellish and make it as long as you'd like. AND don't throw away the glass if you don't use them, I have another DIY coming soon that will use them. I hope you enjoy.

**In case you don't want to make a screen divider, you can buy them starting at $30 online (metal w/fabric). (You might also find one at a thrift store or on sale at a home store.) ♥

***If you make it with 4 frames high then its around 59 inches almost 5 ft. tall.
***If you make it with 5 frames high its around 74 inches more than 6 ft. tall.

16 (Black Screen) Photo Frame (Dollar Tree)
20 (White Screen) Photo Frame (Dollar Tree)
1-3 packs Craft Sticks (Dollar Tree)
2 pack Jumbo craft sticks (Dollar Tree)
2-3 Contact Paper (Dollar Tree)
1 pack Acrylic Gems (Dollar Tree)
4 Black Pillowcase (Dollar Tree)
3-4 Satin Pillowcase (Dollar Tree)
Poly-fil (Dollar Tree)
Ornament Hooks or Silver Wire (Dollar Tree)
12 Hinges for White Screen
9 Hinges for Black Screen (Home Improvement)
Ruler (Dollar Tree)
Clear Tape (Dollar Tree)
3-4 tubes- Fix-All Adhesive (Dollar Tree)
2 tubes - E6000
Primer (if painting with light colors)
Spray Paint (Your Choice)
Glue Sticks (Dollar Tree)
Copier Paper OPTONAL
Scissors (Dollar Tree)
Glue Gun w/ Glue Sticks (Gorilla Glue Sticks)

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