GETTING MY DAITH PIERCED without my parents knowing

Stay until the end to watch me get butchered by my parents. hahah

Hi everyone! My name is Domo V. I'm a new vlogger, and want to share my adventures with you all! In this vlog, my brotha and I go get our ears pierced. He gets his lobes, I get a daith.
What piercing's do you all have? Share in the comments below! Chances are, I also want to get it, and am curious about how much it hurt. hahah.

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Insta: domo.vang

Side note:

If you are interested in this piercing, I do reccomend it. I know it looked like it hurt in the video, which it did, but it only lasted for those few seconds, and then the pain totally went away. If you're from the Milwaukee/West Bend area, I highly reccomend the tattoo parlor that I went to! Northern Lights Tattoo is where I went, during their $15 piercing day every single thursday!