ABC TV | How To Make Rose Paper Flower | DIY Template With One Cut Craft Tutorial

The rose is one of the most popular flowers that is out there and is probably the flower that people really know when you ask them to name one. If you are looking for a beautiful flower, you want the rose, it looks great and to a lot of people it symbolizes a great flower that they really enjoy for not only its look but for also the fragrance that comes off of it. The rose is a symbol that is one of the more traditional symbols of love, but it also has some connections to Christianity and to the suffering on the cross that Jesus Christ does.

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Material for Flower Making:
- Any color paper or cardstock paper 180gsm (size: 15cm x15cm or 12cm x 12cm )
- Scissors, tacky glue, floral wire, floral tape, hot glue gun, artificial leaf rose.

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