DIY Igloo Cooler Modification Using Spray Foam

--- UPDATE ---
I want to take a moment to blanket answer a lot of questions and comments I've been receiving regarding this project. Before I do that, I want to thank everybody who had constructive feedback and tips. This project was spur of the moment with items I had on hand. I really had no idea what I was doing, and there indeed wasn't any scientific experimentation (meaning there weren't any before and after measurements).

1. The cooler exceeded my expectations. While keeping the cooler in a car (outside heat up to 93* f.) on a camping trip, I only had to add ice to it every few days. This beat the previous year where I had the same cooler, in the same car in the same heat where I had to add ice every day. So from my perspective, it was a success. The cost savings of buying ice by Yosemite National Park quickly offset the cost of the foam and Sugru.

2. Things I would do differently. I would drill six holes on the top of the lid and fill with Loctite closed cell foam. I would seal the holes with rubber stops vs. moldable plastic. Seeing the want for a more experiment based project, I would do before and after tests. The length of the video; I get it, 12 minutes is long for a DIY video. If you're watching YouTube on VHS, I'm sorry, my next video will be shorter.

3. I'm not a professional videographer and/or speaker... I mumble, I say "Ummm" a lot, and I have a tendency to ramble. Noted.

4. The intent of this video to inform and help you get your own creative juices flowing if you thought about doing something similar. If you thought for a second "good idea" or "I would do it this way" then this video was successful.

Thanks for watching.

---- Orignal Description ---
DIY Igloo Cooler Modification Using Spray Foam. After watching a few videos comparing the innards of Yeti coolers to Coleman and Igloo coolers, I decided to make my cooler more efficient. Aside from the cooler walls being thicker on the Yeti coolers, the lid of Colemans and the Igloos are empty (they don't have foam).

In this video, I attempt to inject spray foam into the lid of my Igloo cooler to make it more efficient. I used three cans of Great Stuff Gaps and Cracks foam and four packages of Sugru moldable glue.