Wood Stove Install 5 Part 5 Connect Stove Pipe to Chimney Flue Liner Howto DIY

How To Install A Wood Stove Pipe to Chimney Ceramic Flue Liner.

This is Part 5 -

Connect Metal Stove Pipe to Chimney Ceramic Flue Liner.

In a previous video we showed how to epoxy your metal ring and 6" to 8" adapter to the ceramic flue liner of your chimney. Next we attached the metal elbow pipe and used it to measure the height / length of the vertical stove pipe needed to connect the stove to the other pipe assembly. After measuring the straight pipe, we cut it to fit. Then we installed the damper. In this video we will attach the stove to the flue and do a test burn.

When connecting the elbow to the straight pipe, offset the seams of each piece a little bit so the two pieces fit together better. When positioning the stove, allow the vertical pipe to tilt forward toward the stove front a little bit, so that when all the pipes are joined, the elbow to adapter junction has a slightly larger gap at the top then at the bottom (see video at 2:44). This allows better air flow, drawing the smoke out and fresh air in by creating what is called a draft, feeding the fire. Any time you have horizontal pipe, tilt it so the smoke moves up and out the chimney. For every one foot of horizontal pipe, tilt 1/4" (one quarter inch) up vertically to keep the smoke moving up and out, reducing creosote and risk of fire.

When you attach your metal stove pipe into your chimney, make sure the inside edge of the pipe does not block the chimney by extending into the airspace past the chimney wall. Keep your vertical chimney clear for smoke and cleaning.

Tools / Use (for full stove install)
wire brush to clean flue liner extender of soot and epoxy
leather gloves to protect hands from sharp edges on metal stove pipe edges -very important
drill - cordless or any
long metal-drilling drill bit to drill thru stove pipe to install damper
metal piercing drill bits to enlarge pilot holes made with long bit
spatula or trowel to apply furnace cement
hack saw to adjust stove pipe length
tape measure

Materials used
glass sealing rope to seal between flue liner and extender
furnace cement to fix extender in place
water bottle sprayer and / or moist rag to prep ceramic flue liner extender for new furnace cement to bond it to metal stove pipe extender

Bo, our bodacious Border Collie, makes his cameo appearance. 🐾🐶🐾

Be sure to follow local fire codes and manufacturer's guidelines for safe installation regulations.

We are not experts. If you have concerns, contact a professional.


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