Free Self Build, Carbon & Glass Fiber Pre Preg Machine Now! For free! World Leader

Free drawings and assembly instructions Have now retired!
boffingeorge, design.©- Tried and trusted! World Leader,
Lowest Cost! 4-8 hours to assemble – then Plug and Play!!
Full working Cad Engineering Drawings – General Arrangements, Detail, Machine code, and full descriptive schematics. Full Specifications
Help with locally sourced parts. (Self-build and local parts buy
Approx Cost: $4,000 (India/China) - $8,000 (Europe/Australia)
Extras: width (1,500 mm), Heaters, Stainless steel rollers, Aircraft grade Aluminium Doctor blades, Heated rollers. Additional wind on the shaft.
boffingeorge design©
Tried and trusted! World Leader, Lowest Cost!
Experienced Designer 60 years, Research, development and production trials of a vast number of composites!
Easy 4-8 hours assembly
No Maintenance high-temperature bearings, Free from running Problems!
• Get your carbon & glass fiber prepreg machine now!
• Get the lowest costs!
• Go for production on the day of assembly!
• Free choice of reinforcements!
• Free choice of resins! No solvents!
• Nearly 60 years of world-leading designs! At Government, University and Multinational company level.
Experience Pays!
2) Simple electrics ... no programming
3) Simple construction-just simple hand tools!
Micro adjustments.
1. Mk 2 BX
Technically advanced in operation and achievement, skilled operator required.
2. Mk 2 GCM
Will PrePreg 95% of Materials, Basic setting up and easy operation.

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