How to Clean your MacBook or Laptop

This is how you can properly clean your MacBook Pro -or any other laptop!
Avoid any chemicals or cleaners containing Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide, and ONLY USE WATER!

FIRST, JUST USE A DAMP, LINT- FREE, SOFT CLOTH to remove anything on your screen that cannot be removed with a dry cloth. Next, use a MICROFIBER CLOTH to remove all fingerprints and stains on the screen. You can also use two microfiber cloths instead of one cotton cloth and one microfiber cloth. Simply use two microfiber cloths -one damp and another dry! I prefer to use one cotton cloth and one microfiber cloth.

Finally, use Alcohol-free Baby Wipes to clean the laptop's keyboard and main body, and use paper towels to dry it off.

Apple's Instructions: