Cleaning Your Oven? Deflect the Smoke with an Amp Baffle

Okay, I agree this is a crazy video for a vintage Fender amp channel. But, I thought it might help someone. These Lexan amp baffles that I built years ago have many uses including deflecting smoke that comes from your oven during the cleaning cycle. I bought the high output Zephyr range hood (700 cfm) to eliminate the smoke and smells we were creating on the stove and in the oven. I couldn't sleep at night after cooking Indian food because of the strong smell of curry. We also bought a new convection oven to replace our old one. Well, the convection ovens always blow the air out of the bottom of the oven and it stays low to the ground where it basically bypasses the suction of the range hood. I knew it would be better to deflect the air flow up so I looked around and eventually settled on using the amp baffle I built. It works great although the smoke alarm still goes off occasionally. It is much better than it used to be. When we cook chicken, the grease smoke is bypassing the hood so my next experiment is to use the baffle when cooking chicken. It is somewhat unconventional to have a plastic baffle in the kitchen when you are cooking but, hey, it's worth it to keep the house from smelling like a big grease factory. The hood has no problem picking up the smoke and smells from the stove top, just the oven. Now I have solved that problem. Here is a link to the type of hood we installed in case you are interested. And the video on how to make the amp baffles.

Zephyr Savona 36" Range Hood;

Lexan Amp Baffles;