Trying on Homecoming Dresses Under $30 from AMAZON

Today, I’ll put #AMAZON to the test by attempting to find #Homecoming dresses that are under $30! 😳 Do you think I’ll be able to find any good formal dance outfits from Amazon??

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I ended up ordering 6 different dresses, and I wanted to order at least one #dress that was a little bit more expensive (the burgundy one). That way, I could gauge what a dress from Amazon would be like with a slightly higher price point VS the ones under $30!

Overall, I would have to say that the dresses with the lower price point of around $30 were not exactly my style! There were issues with the items being way too see through, and I feel like the cuts of the dresses just really weren’t that flattering. On top of that, most of the fabric felt extremely low quality, and just didn’t hang very well!

I have to say, the one dress that I ordered that was more expensive ($79) was MUCH better in quality! The fabric was way nicer, and it just had a better overall structure. What do you think of all of the dresses?? Do you think that you will try any of these out?? Comment below!

Earlier this #highschool year, I decided to buy all of my back to school clothes from Amazon, and I was pleasantly surprised by how many things I actually ended up liking! I think with Amazon, you just have to dig around a little bit to find the good stuff, but it’s definitely possible!

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*Pink lace:
*Plum lace:
*Black floral:
*Light Pink:

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