Very rusty cleaver (butcher's knife) restoration step by step DIY

During the break between other projects, I found old cleaver/knife in the trashes/scrap-heap. Knife was very, very rusty. Some pittings were deeper than 2mm (0,07inch). I decided to restore it and this was good idea, because the cleaver was made from good steel and become very sharp afeter sharpennig.
On the video You can see whole restoration. It takes me about 2,5-3 hours at all. Hardest thing was to clean the blade, because I don't have any tools for working with metals.

It's amazing and a it's a little bit of shame, that such good things can be found in the trash..

I'm glad that I've restored that knife. Here is is in action:

Edit: Some guy from internet told me that using olive oil for wooden things isn't the great idea so, don't do that.