No time to get ready for a date but want to look stunning? We prepared a lot of beauty lifehacks that you can effectively use at home!
Some of them look weird but you gonna totally love them because they will change your beauty routine:
- How to make two color lipstick at home
- Make homemade mascara, just mix old eyeshadow and Vaseline.
- Do you know that you can use PVA glue for easy manicure removal? Cover nails with PVA glue and after that cover with nail polish. Voila!
- Use a drill to clean makeup brushes
- Need to pack tons of cosmetics and you can’t leave without it? Not a problem! Recycle straws into travel packs! Make mini packages for shampoo, cream and other kinds of hygienic products for traveling
The following hacks and tips will also help you to make your home more organized, you will get an extra space and will stop the mess in your home.
Did you know a natural recipe for brow paint? You will need an almond and a lighter.
You have so many makeup and makeup tools but you don’t want to spend tons of money on organizers or they just don’t suit your personal taste? Watch our tutorial on how to make cosmetic organizer using plastic boxes, trays, and wine glass!
Use cutlery tray to store brushes, lip-glosses, mascara and more!
Moreover, the magnetic tape could help you to organize your cosmetics!
What to do with empty Pringles can? It seems rather wasteful to just throw them away. You can turn them into something really useful and it won’t take much effort!
Our simple and cheap makeup and beauty life hacks that will make every girl's life easier!
Don't miss out on anything ladies!

00:09 Bobby pin hack
00:32 Two color lipstick
01:32 Homemade mascara
06:13 Cosmetic organizer
07:48 Reuse Pringles can

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