Part 2 Make Your Own DIY Cereal Box Cover Journal Tutorial

Fiskers Paper Cutter from Amazon

Fiskers blades -scoring and cutting from Amazon

Bone folders from Amazon

HFS Stack Paper Cutter from Amazon

Thermal T-3 Book Binding Machine from Amazon

Glue strips for book binding machine from Amazon. I think these are way better than the ones I purchased originally. Less trimming to make the correct width!

Box knife from Amazon. I didn't show this on the video but this is such a great box knife for trimming the cereal box cardboard.

Blick Drawing paper from Blicks. I buy item # A10314-1053. It is 9x12 and 70 sheets.

Like the T-shirt? Buy your own Burt the Bunny t-shirt!

Make your own cereal box cover journal! Great for gifts and for recycling those cereal boxes.

Part 1: Intro and the material and supplies you'll need to make a journal.

Part 2: Cutting and measuring the cereal box cover. Includes scoring and folding the cover.

Part 3: Using the T-30 Thermal Binding machine to bind and finish your homemade journal.

Part 4: Cutting and scoring your finished journal.