How to DIY resin epoxy art tutorial painting

Tammy Anderson

Lisa Wyatt Art
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(organic vapor full face masks )

stand for holding painting while working , cake mold) silicon stands

{ pro marine resin 2 quart kit }

(Art Resin)

(resin stir sticks & cups)

(Mini Art Resin)

(Mixing Cup)

( Round coasters )

(Square Coaster)

lazzy susan

Buddha mold

Crystals mold

(Resin Obsession Opaque Color Pigments

( Resin Obsession Transparent Color

(Pipettes QTY 20)

(Blow Dryer)


(Glow in the dark pigments)

(Painter Tripod)

(Heat Gun)

(Popsicle Sticks)

Mica Color (mini set)

(pure white)

(purple haze)

(pearl White)

(diamond silver)

(slick silver)

(pink pearl)

(copper penny)

(cobalt blue)

(royal blue)

(battleship grey)

(royal diamond blue)

(teal green)

(Golden Indigo)

(Midnight blue)