Cleaning Silver And Tarnish With Baking Soda Aluminum Foil And Hot Water

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Here's a quick and easy method clean tarnished silver using baking soda, hot water and aluminum foil.

All you do is put some very hot water in a container - the hotter the better. Since I was wearing the ring, I had the water just hot enough so it didn't burn my skin.

Put a sheet of aluminum foil into your water. Any piece of aluminum will work. Just make sure your aluminum is large enough to contact with your silver piece. Foil works good because it can bend around objects so you can get more metal on metal contact.

Add in a little salt and baking soda. Baking soda seems to be the key here.

Next, place your silver object in the water. Make sure it makes good contact with the aluminum foil.

When I tried it, it didn't work right away so I added more baking soda. That seemed to work. It did take a few minutes for the tarnish to disappear completely.

Give it a try! It works!

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