CNA Skill #9 Partial Bed Bath (Upper Body): Face, Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Arms, Hands

Hey Everyone! Always remember to review your American Red Cross packet while watching these videos. If you haven't read the packet yet please do so because it explains what the evaluators are expecting to see, and it also answer a lot of questions you may have for the state test.

Antibacterial Handsoap -
Bath Blanket -
Bed pan -
Blanket -
Body wash -
Box of gloves -
Chux pads -
Denture basin -
Denture container -
Draw Sheet -
Fitted Sheet -
Moisturizing lotion -
Nail clippers -
No-rinse shampoo caps -
Pillow Case -
Protective Barrier -
Toothbrushes -
Toothpaste -
Top Sheet -
Wash basin -

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