DIY Arm knitting Infinity Scarf Cowl BEST TUTORIAL!

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There are a ton of arm knitting tutorials out there already. But so many of my followers still continue to request this from me. So, I put together the Crafty Gemini arm knitting tutorial. If you have struggled to learn how to make this cowl from other tutorials I hope my video will clear that all up for you. I am very thorough in my explanations and try to break everything down step-by-step while including the camera view from the same angle that you would be looking at the yarn from while making this.

Arm knitting is super quick and easy. It's fun and since all you need is your hands and some yarn you can pretty much do this anywhere. You can customize the length and width of your infinity scarf or cowl any way you want once you have the basics down.

I hope you'll give arm knitting a try using my tutorial and once you make one scarf or cowl you will start cranking them out by the dozens!

If you enjoy this tutorial leave me a comment below and let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for watching!