DIY Dollar Tree Wall Light Part 1 Chandelier Lampshade Glam Wall Sconce Light DIY Wall Decor

Hello everyone, in this Dollar Tree DIY home decor project I made another beautiful chandelier lamp, wall light, or wall sconce. This idea came from a subscriber here on Creative Living. I fell in love with this wall lamp the minute I saw Shawn's pics so I recreated it with my own spin and changed a few things to make it my personal style.
My question to you is ... would you like to see a Part 2 video using this wall light as a lamp "lampshade" and making a stem for this with the power cord and also I can show you a quick & simple solution for an ON / OFF switch. Let me know in the comments and I'll get that out for ya. Did you find the illustrations helpful? I love you guys and each of you make my life a little better. I'll see you soon in another diy project. Till next time Hugs xx

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My glass cutter cost less than $5 tax & all. It has six interchangeable wheels & is the newest additions to my crafting tools. I love it I love it & can't wait to see what projects come from this little handy tool.

If you wanna see more details showing how to cut glass check out the diy Dollar Tree mirrored vase project

Materials used for this project (Dollar Tree)
2- wine o clock decor office frames
2- 3.5 x5 frame
2- packs of acrylic gems
Christmas Lights
1- 8x10 mirror black pic frame / NOTE : silver frame 8x10 is smaller.
I used a bracket I had from a 4x6 DT pic frame
Bling wrap
fishing line
You can add strands of gems by gluing gems to fishing line for ALL the danging ones if you don't have any. Mine came from Hobby Lobby and are Christmas Ornaments and BTW I know it's the time of the year we can find em but if you don't know Hobby Lobby sells Christmas stuff all year ;)

If you're reading this Thank YOU and thanks again for watching. I can't say enough what YOU mean to me & how you all impact my life.
I wake up every day and Thank God for that day and I thank him for you. It may seem like a small thing dropping by and saying "good job" or something in the comments but your comments are much more. You give me a reason to wanna do what I truly love so from the bottom of my heart and deepest part of my soul I love you always for being you!
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