Tai Chi Warm Up Exercise Routine | Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi Warm up Exercises

Tai Chi Warm Up Exercise Routine | Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi Warm up Exercises

In this video I demonstrate a Tai Chi warm up exercise routine that one can do to warm up before starting their Tai Chi practice, or any exercise for that matter. This Tai Chi warm up exercise routine was taken from Dr. Wayne’s excellent book: The Harvard Medical School guide to Tai Chi.

The benefits of tai chi is very clear, and there is ever increasing research that is constantly coming out demonstrating it effectiveness and preventing disease and promoting health. However, it can be difficult to begin a tai chi practice, and maintain it because the learning curve when one is beginning to learn Tai Chi can be quite step. The warm up exercises for tai chi in this video are explained and demonstrated clearly and are easy to learn. You will have no trouble incorporating these tai chi warm up exercises into your daily routine. Don’t forget knowledge is only potential power, so these tai chi warm-up exercises only work if you do. It’s great to watch this video, but get outside in nature and start doing these warm up exercises for tai chi.

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