Quick Cleaning Video with Angelus Direct's Foam Tex Cleaning Kit

This is just a quick video showing how simple and well the Angelus Foam-Tex cleaning kit works. This is my fiancé cleaning his Tubular Dooms. The soles get pretty dirty from driving and everyday wear. The spot on the elastic is a grease stain and won't come out completely with a short cleaning like this.

My take on the Angelus Foam-Tex:
I absolutely love this product multiple reasons. It works really well, it is super easy to use, and is a super easy clean up. It's a no mess and no hassle product that works just as advertised. I HIGHLY recommend picking a kit up. I use this on all of my shoes, mainly my midsoles on any of my adidas boost style shoes, it works wonders on that. I can upload a video of that if people are interested in seeing that.

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