BMW E53 X5 OBSSSSD leather cleaner and conditioner DIY Clean your leather!

Hey all!

In my continued series for car care, I wanted to share working with your leather interior. I think honestly its probably the easiest thing to ignore, as we just get in and out of our cars, and dont think about the seats and interior itself.

Cleaning and conditioning your leather interior is vital, not only for appearance and softness, but for long term lifespan especially of the driver's seat. As you will see in this video, cleaning the seats pulls off a pretty amazing amount of dirt, and I clean my interior 1-2 times a year! Imagine if you haven't done it in a long time or EVER!

There is no reason that you cannot do this work yourself, using pro level products and just a little bit of time for really awesome results.

Give these products a try in your car, I know you will like it! They work GREAT in mine!

Must Have's:
OBSSSD Leather cleaner

OBSSSSD Leather Conditioner

Leather and upholstery brush

Microfiber polish towels